Thanks Elizabeth for your time.

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You're a glamour and fetish model and your website is well known.

Q: Why does wearing high heels turn you on?
A: When I worked as a fasion model I was told that I have nice legs and wearing high heels makes them even nicer and longer and gives them a better shape. Also my ass looks better. And when I then feel the men's eyes on my body it simply turns me on and I feel seductive and sexy.

HCE Elizabeth Carson Interview Q: What type of high heels do you prefer?
A: Well, I like the classy black one. Simple and elegant. Gianmarco Lorenzi and Christian Louboutin produce nice ones of superiour quality. I wear of course also other ones. They have to be most of all comfortable and many of the cheaper ones maybe look nice but at are very uncomfortable to wear. When you have to walk and pose in high heels you simply need good ones.

HCE Elizabeth Carson Interview Your website has been online for over 16 years already. Q: Can you tell us more about it?
A: Yes, I was one of the first models using the internet for my business. My members club got fast well known and believe it or not, it is still online. Photos never get old. Actually people like to look at older pictures. After all these years I still have never published content to offer in my members club. HCE Elizabeth Carson Interview
Q: Please tell us, do you really get turned when you wear high heels?
A: Yes, it turns me on when I turn on men and with high heels even more ;-) I performed in some hardcore movies for my VIP members and I enjoyed it because I like showing my body in a tasteful and sensual way. Just once I got it too hard by the "Black Monster" ... check it out in my members club ;-)