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Photos: Karl Louis
Location: Sardinia
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High Heels: Louboutin
Photos: Karl Louis
Location: Sardinia
Why Do You Like Wearing High Heels?
HCE Interview with Elizabeth Carson We let you know why Elizabeth Carson likes to wear them.
Q: We heard that you have a very large collection of high heels, is it true?
A: Yes, I used to model for a high heels company and then I started to collect them.
Q: What high heels do you like the most?
A: Well, GML e.g. or Louboutin are some of my fav!

High Heels Videos
HCE Selection of Sexy High Heels Video Clips

Some men go crazy about high heels. Are you one of them? HCE Selection of Sexy High Heels Video Clips Well, then you will definitely enjoy these 6 trailers. Click on the pics!
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End of April 2015 - Karl Louis

P.S. Issue #5 is planned for June 2015