HCE Dea Donatella in black latex The Goddess of Eroticism ... that's how you're known to us.

Q: Why do you like latex?
A: It feels great on my body and it emphasizes my curves. I like to combine latex with other materials, e.g. a latex skirt with a funky top that shows much more than it hides ;-). When men see me like this they can't stop staring ... So it always depends what your goal is. I very often come across as the femme fatale and I provoke also in public!

HCE Dea Donatella in black latex Q: What outfits do you prefer for dominance sessions?
A: Well, I combine very often latex and leather. I wear only the best high heels (e.g. Gianmarco Lorenzi) as well asn black leather boots with a black latex catsuit. Latex gives me the feeling of beind naked and showing my body but still be covered. As I said before, it depends on your goal. When I seduce more than I use more latex and when I dominate more leather.

HCE Francesca Felucci known for her sexy ass You are also known for your excellent photo and video performance. Q: Can you tell us more about it?
A: I worked most of the time with well known photographers like Christophe Mourthé, Peter Czernich and Karl Louis. My website was exclusive and I had a variety of styles. My speciality was glamorous Dominance. Only very few photos were made where you can see me naked or showing my titts and pussy. Most of the time my body was covered with latex, leather and sexy outfits.

HCE Francesca Felucci and Black Guy You have sexy curves.
Q: Does dominance and seduction go well together?
A: There is nothing more fascinating than turning men on and then not letting them have what they want ;-) I was offered many times a lot of money to perform in hardcore movies but I always refused. I did show pussy on some photos e.g. with Karl Louis but that were exceptions that you also have to make ... and I enjoyed it because I like showing my body in a tasteful and sensual way.

Thanks Dea Donatella for your time.

P.S. Dea Donatella retired and shut down her website some years ago. You can enjoy a lot of her photos and videos in the members area of Karl Louis.