HCE Francesca Felucci Stella, you're well known in the Internet Fetish Scene for your leather outfits.
Q: Why do you like leather?
A: First of all…leather is some kind animalic, natural material which is for a woman like me very flexible in use. If you combine for example a very tight and short leather skirt with a leather jacket and additional gloves it gives you a very domme appearance. If you use a leather skirt only with some nice boots or heels it just looks sexy and casual or fashionable. So it depends which effect you want to create on your opponent! Of course I love the femme fatale effect pretty much cause I love to provoke especially in public!

HCE Francesca Felucci and 5 guys Q: What other fetishes do you like?
A: Well, I love also latex and all kind of skin tight dresses. It just gives me the feeling to be naked and showing my body but still being covered. As I said before, I really have a deep erotic feeling in showing my goods, although I know not all people passing by tolerate it having a positive feeling of teasing. But I take it as a hot game which makes me quite a bit special. I love that. For sure Nylons and high heeled feetware whether boots or stiletto heels are a “must” for a woman who loves to show off. You guys all know about the effect of a high heeled shoe… I live my motto: “Stay in style, stay on high heels”!

HCE Francesca Felucci known for her sexy ass Dominance is another topic we can see in your photos. Q: Can you tell us more about it?
A: Yes, I am some kind of lifestlye mistress… I am natural dominant myself but won’t describe me as a pro dominatrix. I love the lifestyle … I play for my private amusement. I play online with lots of my admirers and attend special parties in Europe but I am not working in a studio or meet clients for bdsm sessions. Its more about the dress code and the attraction you can create on this… Once I went to a fetish party in Germany and some really respectless teenagers tried to block the way to reach the venue! I just smiled on them and opened my long leather coat displaying me in crotch long overknee leather boots and showing them my riding whip… They got impressed and immediatly let me thru… it is all part of your appearance and personal aura… I love to play with it.

HCE Francesca Felucci and Black Guy You have incredible long legs.
Q: What do you prefer to wear, stockings or pantyhose?
A: I have a weakness for cool pantyhose… I love to wear it without panties or thong of course. I prefer seamless pantyhose most because it makes me really feel good having the smooth nylon directly on my pussy… and entering public like this is a hot game and makes most men mad. Of course there are situations where I prefer stockings, but in this case I use real rht or full fashion nylon stockings with seams ala Dita, the effect of those is sensational! It is classic, stylish and on the same time incredible sexy!

Q: What will we see in your future updates on

A: Well, as the long term followers will know my site contents various fetishes such as riding cult, smoking fetish, feet, boot, leather, latex and nylon related themes. I will go ahead with this but disovered also that I love more and more skin tight leggings such as from or from They give a great effect on your body and you can wear them for all kind of events. So this is what is increasing in my photo and video galleries.

Thanks Stella for your time.

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