HCE Elizabeth Carson and Black Stallion Of course the black skin can be very stimulating for a woman. Her phantasy is more active and she can get turned on just by looking at a black guy. He is different. He is exotic or wild and animalistic. She wants to touch him. Being better built is one advantage of black men. HCE Francesca Felucci and Black Guy

Some women simply prefer black guys for wild sex.
The difference of skin color is an additional turn on. White and black, light and dark. In some countries interracial relationships are still not accepted by the people. It is like something "forbidden" which makes it even more interesting for a white women to have an erotic adventure with a black stallion.

HCE Elizabeth Carson and Black Stallion Sometimes a woman might even be scared when she sees how huge he can be but it also fascinates her. She imagines how intense the penetration must be and she knows that black guys can do it longer.

HCE Francesca Felucci and Black Guy Black guys are like animals when they have sex. They like animalistic positions like "Lion" or "Doggystyle".

The intercourse is wilder and more intense ... and if a woman hasn't had this yet she dreams about it.
A lot of black guys are circumcised and have bigger ones. They are not as sensitive as white guys. They have better muscles and often higher endurance and therefore they can do it longer. Women imagine it like having sex with a lion or another wild animal and that is often not imagination only but reality.

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